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Dr. Gerard Marten-Ellis, M.D., and the team at Eye Clinic of Killeen have been providing their exceptional eye care services to the greater Killeen, Texas area since 1988. Whether you need an eye exam or evaluation and treatment for a vision problem, we'll make you feel comfortable and at ease in our clinic.

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The experienced, professional staffs at Eye Clinic of Killeen provide their years of clinical experience to you, with a warm and personal touch. From yearly eye exams and visual evaluations to treatment of glaucoma and cataracts, we'll make sure you receive the very best care.

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Keep your eyesight in peak condition with regularly scheduled vision examinations and checkups at our clinic.

If you'd like more information on scheduling your next eye examination or have any vision concerns, call us today at 254-526-5505.

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Our clinic is locally-owned and has been an active member of the Killeen community since 1988. Our founder, Dr. Gerard Marten-Ellis, M.D. has been Board Certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology since October 22, 1988 and welcomes all patients throughout the greater Killeen metropolitan area. Dr. Gerard Marten-Ellis graduated from the University of Puerto Rico Medical School.

We're a locally-owned, community based clinic

Providing professional eye care services since 1988